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If you are hoping to learn more about starting and running a business, here are some of the events, workshops, and seminars you need to put in your calendar.  Ireland is in for quite a ride this year.

Taking Care of Business – Dublin 2020

This one is government hosted and is scheduled for March 25,2020 at the Printworks, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2. Interested attendees will get the chance to learn everything about starting and managing a business from experienced professionals engaged in different state bodies, offices, and agencies.

This event will not focus on specific industries but will cover a vast variety of industries. The main focus on this year’s event is how to establish a cost-effective operation to save a lot of money for your business and at the same time make a lot of money through profits and ROI.

All-Ireland Business Summit 2020

To be hosted by Virgin Media Business, this year’s summit will have more than one hundred speakers to talk about their journey and success in their chosen field. The event will feature business leaders, CEOs, directors, business analysts and entrepreneurs coming from different parts of Ireland.

This year’s tagline is “Learn in a day. Benefit for years.” This is proven to be one of the most awaited events generating interest not only in Ireland but throughout Europe. We look forward to hearing from the many speakers who were able to establish their business despite the many economic issues the European Union faced throughout the years.