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Archipelago is one of the most recognized blogs all over Ireland focused on educating and informing people about entrepreneurship. What is entrepreneurship to begin with? Most people connect this word to business, which is correct.

But, entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business. Starting a business is challenging, what comes after is a different story. That is where entrepreneurship comes in. It is the discipline of planning, designing, managing, and assessing a business.

It is about starting a business, establishing its position in the market, and then making sure it stays alive. That is how Toby Young would explain it if you ask him.

Toby Young

Toby Young is the creator of the blog and the man who started it all. Youngwas working as a vocational education teacher from 2005 until 2015. His field of study was business management. He would help students, especially those who are not well-financed better understand how to start their own business.

Young has a gift when it comes to teaching business or entrepreneurship to people. He understands each industry, he is always updated with the latest tech news and he knows how to generate ROI.


“Archipelago” is the choice of name Young always wanted for his own business. He always wanted to start a business that provides business consultation to people. The “Archipelago” blog started as a way to introduce the business to people while it was being set up back in January 2016.

Young was already in the middle of collecting the money he needed for the start-up. He then started using the blog to provide quick information about timely lessons and updates about different industries.

After publishing 8 blog entries, the blog blew up.

Archipelago Community

To his surprise, the blog generated 6,000 readers in only 2 weeks. Each blog entry he would put out would have hundreds of questions and comments, some positive, some negative. But, good or bad, people were engaging.

So, that is when he realized that he already started his business. Archipelago now has more than 75,000 readers and an average 11,000 readers per day. The blog was featured several times on local and national news.

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